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nr. 001 1. märz | 2013


Bist du schon wochentags durch die nächtlichen Strassen von Luxemburg gestreunt?  Expedition IsThereLifeInEurope ist an deinen Erlebnissen interessiert!

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Micky Maus als Graffitikünstler in Luxemburg 
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dear reserchers

one or two years ago, i spent 2 weeks in luxembourg. most of the time, i was working in a theatre with swiss, argentinian and belgian artists and a franco-canadian technician, who lives in france like many other proletarians who can not afford to reside in luxembourg.

so i did not have much time for sightseeing or funky nightlife, but i can tell some first impressions anyway.

the city of luxembourg is exactly like the city of berne, switzerland. the old part of the city is in a loop of a river, everything is rather old and neat, but pedestrians walk a little bit faster. there are some really tight streets and the usual multinational chain stores on the better spots. around the loop and the center, the city gets dirtier and livelier, the nature of traffic is something between german and french driving hability. after 9 p.m. it is rather difficult to find something else to eat than a big tasty menu small, but if you ask politly and if you are in the company of one or two really good looking ladies, the host may be able to consider making a croque monsieur for you.

there's nothing more to tell.

sincerly yours

your humble admirer

graf muffensausen

at the time living on chateau solitude with 1 cat, 3 budgerigars, 2 frogs and about 15 fishes of different species

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