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issue001march | 1 | 2013
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Somewhere out there in the alleged emptiness of space, two time capsules carrying images and audio recordings from planet Earth are waiting to be picked up and interpreted by an extraterrestrial life form or a future generation of human beings (cf. Voyager Golden Records). These capsules left our planet in 1977. Although developed with good intentions, they have the dubious honor of representing a space program that was driven by a nuclear arms race between two brutal ideologies. This was an era in which at least one country on our planet still granted or denied a person civil rights based on their complexion; an era of gray ring binders and bleak waiting-rooms reeking of mendacity and ashtray. In late 2012, the Golden Records were in the process of leaving our solar system.

If they were to announce an overdue new time capsule project and for obvious reasons were to pick YOU to provide the material, what would you want outer space and the future to know about life on planet Earth in the 21st century?

There are hordes of twisted corporations and normative citizens with a superiority complex eagerly awaiting the opportunity to spread and immortalize their intolerable ideas of life and co-existence. Leave it up to them, and the next time capsule will contain at least 7 of the 9 items listed below:

1.   A DVD with 300 hours of infomercials;

2. Assorted samples of bland music and bland cheese;

3.  An envelope containing seeds of the Leyland Cypress and a manual on how to grow and trim opaque hedges;

4. Home videos portraying five suffocatingly functional families on their Sunday stroll;

5.  Rolls of fitted carpet in gray, beige and pastel taupe;

6.  The best-selling autobiographies of two hockey moms and one state executioner;

7.  Photographs of sedated children riding to school in tan SUVs;

8.  Proud blueprints of internal combustion engines, patio heaters and other technological dead ends;

9.  A price list for military/domestic assault rifles and land mines manufactured in a war material exporting "neutral" country.

Mama loves you - sign in Luxembourg, August 2012
2012 by Expedition I:T:L:I:E @
Imagine the devastating effects this could have on a whole planet, should the addressees turn out to be simple-minded copycats.

This is why the world needs your skeptical eyes and/or ears, your unique sense of beauty and ugliness, your love for that which hasn't yet been turned into a mouthwash commercial. The childhood drawings in the box under your bed may decide whether extraterrestrials will send us their cure for cancer or a tub of anti-matter.

Realitybroker Online Magazine is our electronic vessel for future postcards from planet Earth. We welcome everyone who wishes to contribute a suitable story, image, audio or video file to a no-bullshit time capsule.

Ticino - Lonely mailboxes
2011 by Kurt Koehler @

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