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How would you describe an informal network of pro-science, pro-digital and pro-fiction artists, journalists, factory workers, researchers and pets that have made it their objective to help people remove the ugly reality that has been festering on the lower part of their backs for as long as they can remember? We don't know either. But we have our public relations lab working on it, so we'll keep you posted.

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Our support of human powered mobility stems from a deep fascination with mechanics and biocybernetics coupled with a general disgust over the disastrous inefficiency of combustion engines. Our stance should not be confused with technophobia. Realitybrokers are decidedly pro-technology. However, this excludes dumb technology.


There will come a time when people no longer have to watch their representatives pretend to solve problems in parliaments or at the UN Climate Change Conference. Politicians must and will be replaced by algorithms.

The "good old times"

The past is nothing but a one-dimensional version of our questionable present. Particularly the stuffy 1950s must never again be celebrated by retro enthusiasts. Tomorrow belongs to the future!

Change is inevitable. Embrace it or prepare for redundancy. Automation will prevail!

Scratched CDs

We are against scratched CDs.

Environmental psychology

Level the Alps!
2013 by Expedition I:T:L:I:E  @

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2012 by Expedition I:T:L:I:E @
Expedition IsThereLifeInEurope

Kurt Koehler and Ed Liftpirat, avid pop music consumers since 3rd grade and recording associates since 1999, embarked on a joint project under the name Expedition I:T:L:I:E in mid-2012. Their objective is to zoom in on the seemingly gray matter commonly referred to as the daily routine and to share any findings worth sharing.

The Gray Matter
2013 by Expedition I:T:L:I:E @
Left: Your everyday gray carpet, seen from a distance of 1.65 meters.
Right: The same carpet, seen from a distance of 0.03 millimeters. Notice the interesting details.

While the founding members of the Expedition firmly embrace the exploration of the solar system and beyond, it is their belief that the continent they happen to live on must simultaneously undergo scrutiny with regard to the question contained in the Expedition's name. So must all other continents.

Expedition I:T:L:I:E joined Realitybrokers in September 2012.

You can contact the Expedition directly:
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