Realitybroker Online Magazine - Issue 001 (March 1, 2013) 
Feature Story: XXL Interview with Santigold Dancers! Realitybroker logo
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April 15, 2013

Finally! Realitybroker Online Magazine Issue 001 is now also available in German!

March 1, 2013

Realitybrokers launch the debut issue of Realitybroker Online Magazine!

February 2013

Millionaire Dennis Tito plans to send a married couple around Mars by 2018. Realitybrokers support this enterprise.

January 14, 2013

Santigold releases her new video 'Girls'!
Check it out here

December 2012

Max, the best tracked animal to date,  dies in Spain at 13.
Read more here

September 12, 2012

Japanese scientists are developping a robot that should earn its first PhD in the 2030's.
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September 2012

Expedition IsThereLifeInEurope joins Realitybrokers.

Don't grow up
RB logo issue 001 march | 1 | 2013
Super-size interview!

Santigold Dancers come alive
When they first hit the stage in late 2007, they thrilled the pop world with their eery robotic appearance and high-precision dancing. Now they are back, obviously running on a new operating system infected with an anarchy bug, blowing audiences away with an eclectic array of dance styles, dramatic props and ever-changing outfits. Meet SG1, the acclaimed dance duo that loyally flanks pop activist Santigold. Expedition I:T:L:I:E talks to Monica Josette and Desiree Godsell, the artists behind SG1, about the art of choreography, the evolution of their stage characters, growing up in Houston, and much more!
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Monica and Desiree almost in character
2012 by Expedition I:T:L:I:E @
Monica Josette (l.) and
Desiree Godsell, almost
in character

Expedition I:T:L:I:E - food intake in Sweden, August 2012
2012 by Expedition I:T:L:I:E @
Expedition IsThereLifeInEurope
The Jungles of Sweden

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Car Free Day in Kampala

As the opening of Realitybrokers' series on Human Powered Mobility, Expedition I:T:L:I:E's Ed Liftpirat inquires about the innovative activities of an emerging bicycle lobby in the capital of Uganda.

Cyclist in Kampala, Uganda
2011 by Kurt Koehler @

Visitors in Montreal
2012 by Kurt Koehler @

V for Visitors

How the original science fiction miniseries 'V' (1983/84) retains its cinematic freshness after 30 years despite featuring an alien mothership commander with Big Hair and a bunch of human resistance fighters with shoulder pads.

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